Using Herbs for Faster Post Surgery Healing

Written on: 11 Mar 10 and Filed under: herbs | 3 Comments

Surgery is common not only as a medical emergency, but as an elective surgery in the case of plastic surgery. From a Western stand point surgery causes trauma to the body and then manipulations are made inside the body. Afterwards your body has to deal with removing anesthetics from the body and the trauma made [...]

Herbs for Sore Muscles, Soreness and some Herbal Remedies

Written on: 07 Dec 08 and Filed under: Advice, herbs, reviews | 0 Comments

It is without a doubt the most common ailment out there is soreness or pain somewhere in the body. The most common of this problem is probably going to be muscle pain. Let’s discuss herbal and home remedies for pain and soreness. The reason pain and soreness most of the time go hand in hand [...]

The 1 Herb to Rule Them All

Written on: 02 Aug 08 and Filed under: herbs | 4 Comments

No reason to read this article because you already know the answer? However, my answer is not Ginseng, nor Echinacea. My herbal ruler can do many things and do them well. In fact, my herbal ruler has a very unusual property up its sleeve. Let me explain why my picks aren’t the popular Chinese Ginseng [...]